The same brand of bar condom, but the Vietnamese star plays a buried style without wearing a shirt, different from the Korean star!

There is an interest in the Vietnamese press, that is, wearing the same Chanel bra Between local actress Ngoc Trinh and South Korean star Jennie of Blackpink.

Although wearing the same brand of condoms, the style between the two celebrities is completely different. Far from each other. Jennie played in a bar suit with a luxurious jacket and short skirt in a black top-to-bottom suit. Looks like a dignified civilization. In addition, Jennie also carries a $ 5,000 Chanel handbag, which adds an extra layer of civility. More.

In stark contrast to Jennie, Vietnamese star Ngoc Trinh can play the style of a famous brand’s barbell to be sexy. Ngoc Trinh wore only a bar coat and did not play with any shirt or skirt. Only once. But next to Ngoc Trinh, there are many famous brand bags that she used to cover her upper body. Her.

It can be said that this is how to promote products in different ways of the two stars. However, Ngoc Trinh’s bar-style seems to have received some criticism for being too sexy. Too much to lose the dignity of the bar.