Vietnamese film used to shoot erotic girls, very criticized (video)

“The Third Wife” released an official trailer on May 17 has been heavily criticized Most Vietnamese people and online viewers (YouTube and social media) are very dissatisfied.

The hot spot that was criticized was a plot in which the main character, a 15-year-old girl, was He was ordered to take off his clothes, release himself, stand up and go to bed with a middle-aged man at night to sleep in the story. This is what makes the story a kind of sexual content, not an educational one. It is a serious violation of child protection laws.

Nguyen Phuong Anh, director of Vo Ba or (The Third Wife), told Vnexpress that the film is a genre. The film reflects the true story of a family whose story dates back to the end of the Vietnam-US war, forcing Let underage girls to marry middle-aged men.

He added that before deciding to include the film, the team also asked for permission from the Vietnamese Film Department. And family members of the female characters already, and also told the details of the shooting that will be filmed.

Please note that the film won the Best Firm award at the Kolkata International Film Festival in India and even won the film. The best educational film at the 43rd Toronto International Film Festival in Canada before being screened in Vietnam.

Please watch the video trailer below: