The woman with the largest breasts in the world

Mayra Hills, also known as Big Beshine, is the woman with the largest breasts in the world, whose current breast size is 32Z. Is this a natural gift from Mayra?

In fact, Mayra underwent breast augmentation surgery, requiring 20 saline injections. Liters into the breast (one breast injected 10 liters of saline solution). Currently, both of her breasts weigh a total of 18 kilograms.

For daily life, Mayra has encountered a number of problems, such as not being able to find suitable clothes with large breasts This is difficult to bend, tie the shoelaces and often hit this and that. However, this is not a problem that Mayra can not stand. Mayra, on the other hand, describes how much she enjoys having the largest breasts. “Some people think that my breast size brings a lot of problems in daily life. But the problem with Big breasts like this are amazing, it’s always like an adventure in public. With big breasts, “Mayra wrote on her official website.